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Profile. Experienced, Multi-Faceted Professional With...

PROFILE Experienced, multi-faceted professional with demonstrated expertise in program oversight, including healthcare, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, policy development, contracting, and procurement. Highly analytical with a keen eye for details; skilled at synthesizing and editing information to achieve overall objectives. Highly adaptable at learning and understanding new technology, processes, and procedures. Ability to cultivate positive relationships with clients and colleagues; particularly adept at communicating with clarity and diplomacy to individuals from diverse cultural and organizational backgrounds. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL SERVICE Jun 2006- Present Employee Benefits†¦show more content†¦Ã¯â€š § Scrutinize carrier reports such as financial management, performance guarantees, benefits management, and cost and utilization trends to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. ï‚ § Monitor, track, and analyze benefit trends and perform ad-hoc analysis using Advantage Suite ® - health analytics to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and performance. Advise management of findings; prepare written reports, including charts and graphs, quantifying and qualifying trends, cost issues, and changes affecting employee benefits; propose new initiatives and/or changes to existing programs. ï‚ § Respond to complex and high-profile problems. Investigate, analyze and extract essential information from communications or fact finding to resolve problems of semantics or substance. ï‚ § Manage the procurement process from start to finish, including the development of Requests for Information (RFI), Invitation for Bids (IFB) and Requests for Proposals (RFP) while strictly adhering to procurement policies, statutes and disclosures; evaluate proposals, prepare award recommendations, negotiate and execute Contract. Facilitate the integration of new or revised programs/contracts; prepare an impact analysis resulting from changes. ï‚ § Participate on collective bargaining negotiating team as staff resource. Analyze potential impact of proposals; prepare supportive documentation, and present recommendations as requested. ï‚ § Administered the Employee Benefit Card Program. Saved the StateShow MoreRelatedIntegration Of Creative Movement And Dance Into The General Education Classroom4523 Words   |  19 Pagesconcepts through any means possible. How lucky for us that concepts and dance go hand-in-hand, as can be evidenced by creative dance’s relationship with Bloom’s Taxonomy. Bloom’s Taxonomy and the importance of students being able to ask and answer multi-levelled questions to lead to deeper understanding and use information to create is utmost in any teacher education program. Fowler (1994) emphasized that the taxonomy was addressed by the arts and addressing higher-order thinking in this way, helpedRead MoreIntroduction . Dance And Creative Movement In The Classroom4608 Words   |  19 Pagesconcepts through any means possible. How lucky for us that concepts and dance go hand-in-hand, as is evidenced by creative dance’s relationship with Bloom’s Taxonomy. Bloom’s Taxonomy and the importance of students being able to ask and answer multi-levelled questions to lead to deeper understanding and use information to create is utmost in any teacher education program. Fowler (1994) emphasized that the taxonomy was addressed by the arts and addressing higher-order thinking in this way, helpedRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Essay4334 Words   |  18 PagesThis can be a direct personal experience which involves actual or threatened death or serious injury, or witnessing such an event. PTSD is defined by Comer (2002, p. 142) as an anxiety disorder in which fear and related symptoms continue to be experienced long after the traumatic event. PTSD is characterised by the persistent re-experiencing of the traumatic event either in intrusive painful recollections and flashbacks or in dreams, avoidance of situations that trigger the recollection of traumaRead MoreHuman Resource Development at 3m7996 Words   |  32 PagesFighterà ¢â€ž ¢Ã‚  Hair Remover designed to grip and trap pet hair embedded in upholstery (2008) continued to exemplify innovative products designed to enhance the home environment. In 2008 for integration in personal electronic devices, including the 3Mâ„ ¢ Micro Professional Mpro 110 projector, which has since evolved through further generations and technical refinements. This was the same year when, in the wake of global concern around potential public health medical emergencies such as an influenza pandemic, variousRead MoreThe Effects of Ownership Structure, Board Effectiveness and Managerial Discretion on Performance of Listed Companies in Kenya27922 Words   |  112 Pages+254 2723-854 796 +254 (020)-2817154 E-mail: DEDICATION The thesis is dedicated to my mother, Susana Sind nyar Obara, who, although widowed in her early 40’s without formal education or source of regular income, demonstrated exceptional tenacity and resilience in the face of deprivation to take me through school. I pray to the Almighty God to grant her full life. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Let me begin by registering my special gratitude to Professor Evans Aosa whoRead MoreTravel and Tourism Administration Program Structure20692 Words   |  83 Pagesit includes one summer period of industrial placement. Upon successful completion of this program, students are awarded the Diploma in Information Technology. The principal aim of this program is to produce computing and information systems professionals, who will have the understanding of the technology and the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to work at a high level in the related industry. The main concern is with the utilization of technology and support in a modern enterprise. Read MoreKfc Marketing Strategies20155 Words   |  81 Pagesthe questions below to learn more. How much will I pay in royalties and advertising? What fees will I pay when I become a KFC franchisee? Initial Franchise Fee =   Monthly Service Fee (Royalties) =   Advertising = $45,000 (if you open a KT multi-brand restaurant, the fees will be $75,000)   5 percent (5%) of Gross Sales 5 percent (5%) of Gross Sales (Includes national and local contributions) The above amounts do not include the initial investment required to construct the restaurantRead MoreSo, How Do People Really Use Their Handheld Devices? an Interactive Study of Wireless Technology Use13130 Words   |  53 Pagesthemselves on the frontline perceive wireless handheld devices and how has use affected their sense of self? In the current study, we investigate the meaning that each individual gives to wireless handheld technology. We examine this question from a multi-faceted perspective including aspects surrounding relational, imaged, integrated and isolated selves. The meaning given to technology and the development of technology-practices surrounding technology gives rise to a continuous cycle of innovation throughRead MoreSAT Top 30 Essay Evidence18536 Words   |  75 Pageswill find 30 examples of evidence that work for the vast majority of SAT essay prompts. The examples are drawn from all fields of human endeavor, and there is bound to be evidence that appeals to you, no matter what your interests are. As a professional SAT tutor, and perfect-12-scoring SAT essay writer, I’ve researched these examples from the point of view of someone about to write the SAT essay. I’ve identified useful themes, inspirational lessons, and relevant facts – there’s no wasted words;Read MoreCNPC CSR report25861 Words   |  104 Pageshighgrade gasoline was 92.3%. International Operations Oil Gas Production Total domestic crude Five of our RD achievements won the National Scientific and Technological Advancement Prize, of which the Key Technology of Horizontal Well Multi-stage Fracturing and Its Industrial Application won the First Prize. We acquired 2,700 patents out of 4,011 applications, of which nine items were granted the Excellent National Patent Award. We have 1,539,300 employees in total, and 81.2%

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Criticism on the Metamorphosis and analyze on Metamorphosis - Kafka Free Essay Example, 1000 words

The final ironic scene contains all the elements of â€Å"revival†: spring, family cohesion, the description of the strong young body of Grete. Such point of view makes us focus on the lack of spirituality among Gregor’s family. Vladimir Nabokov was inclined to blame the Samsas for their brutality. In his opinion, â€Å"Gregor is a human being in an insect’s disguise; his family are insects disguised as people† (Nabokov’s Lecture on â€Å"The Metamorphosis†). Nabokov sees the major conflict arousing just around Gregor’s condition. The Samsas are mere philistines, living only with their material values. Gregor is different in some way. Nabokov even suggests that Gregor’s isolation and strangeness reminds of that â€Å"which constantly characterizes the artist, the genius, the discoverer†. So when Grete finally rebels against Gregor’s further existence, it is only the final result of his life-long isolation from the family. They needed him until he could support them, â€Å"they took the money with gratitude and he was glad to provide it, although there was no lo nger much warm affection given in return†. However, Gregor was always estranged from the family. We will write a custom essay sample on Criticism on the Metamorphosis and analyze on Metamorphosis - Kafka or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Not accidentally, the doors in his room are locked. Constantly being on journey, he knew of his family’s life only from Grete’s letters. He was absolutely unaware that his self-sacrifice wasn’t necessary. Only now has he learnt that his father saved some money from his business, and that the sum was enlarged by the dividends. Moreover, the family has spared money from that brought by Gregor. If Gregor had known it earlier, he could have paid out his father’s debt and got free from the hateful work. Yet, even now Gregor doesn’t allow himself to feel angry. He accepts the news as good one. Grete’s role in the story symbolizes the highest degree of betrayal and emphasizes Gregor’s isolation from life. For many years he has believed that Grete is his closest friend. He dreamt to send her to Music School. Having become an insect, Gregor still doesn’t understand his sister’s real attitude to him. As she â€Å"courageously† takes on the â€Å"heroic† role of his carer, Gregor feels gratitude and affection to her. He does his best to ease her task. Each time as Grete turns the key in the lock, he hurries to hide under the sofa not to embarrass her with his appearance. Later he uses the linen to cover himself wholly from others’ sight. However, Grete’s motives are different. As Mrs. Samsa â€Å"dares† to clean Gregor’s room, Grete makes a hysterical scene with loud sobbing and banging on the table.

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Task Free Essays

There are efferent acts for different types of discriminations that must be followed by professional workers in any types Of settings. Sometimes promoting Anti- Discriminatory Practices may be threatening to workers as there are great changes in legislation time to time. The legislations are there to prevent Care Workers from discriminating towards Client Service users. We will write a custom essay sample on Task or any similar topic only for you Order Now Disability is a state or function that can be judged severally as damage taken place. It causes consequences such as physical, sensory, cognitive and intellectual impairments due to mental illnesses and different types of diseases and situations. It effects individual’s organ or body part and may also effect individual’s participation in life. This is why there is an Anti- Discriminatory practice that promotes disabled individuals in participating in life and protects individuals from getting discriminated. The act that am going to talk about is the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DAD) that relates to Disability. The main purpose of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 is to improve the lives of Disabled people by allowing them to carry out day to day activities. However, it does not mean the legislation creates new individual sights for the Disabled people. The act is there to prevent individuals from getting discriminated due to the disabilities. The act ensures that all individuals are entitled to civilian rights in the way that they are entitled to goods, services and facilities that are needed for their needs. The DAD is also there to encourage other communities to help provide regulations which would break the barrier that has been causing discrimination; this is done providing reasonable adjustments like: Providing Transport but also booking premises check if wheelchairs etc are accessible. Share personal details if needed. Improve access route within the location. -: Communicate with disabled person about services that are provided and explain how to improve accessibility. Updated Technology for example: Telephone with text displayed for a Deaf person. -: Treat disabled person like any other customer (Respect and Value them) Provide readers and interpreter for meetings, interviews or consultation. -: Employers or individuals should remember that not all disabilities can be seen, some can be hidden. Encourage the community to support and encourage disabled people. Anti- Discriminatory Practices being promoted in a Health and Social Care setting In order to promote Anti- Discriminatory Practices in the Health and Social Care Settings, Care Workers must train, keep up to date with changes within the legislations, policies and technology as procedure may change over the years, as procedures may change, Care Workers must learn the new procedures to continue on their professionalism in the Career. Care Workers must be informed about the changes in Equality, Diversity and Rights and also any other aspects of Health and Social Care such as the four ethical Principles, Hess are sectors that must be taken into account to protect the Client Service Users, the sectors are: Justice- this is where people must be treated fairly with respect no matter the differences. An example of this would be, even though a man may be Dyslexic, he should be treated with respect rather than treating him stupidly. Anatomy- this is where a person’s choice must be valued. : Beneficence- this is where Care Workers take respond and take action in way that benefits their Client Service Users. They take on risks and costs. An example of this may be, cost of Electronic Wheelchair for a person ho cannot walk. -: Non- Maleficent- this is where Care Workers shouldn’t let harm caused by treatments and inventions affect the benefits of their treatment with the Client Service Users. An example of this may be, even if a disabled person has been treated in a Hospital and feels a lot better, A Care Worker cannot say: ‘Your feeling better, you don’t need me, another Client needs my help more than you. This sort of behavior is not acceptable and professional as Care Workers main purpose is too help anyone who is in need of help. These four principles are there to help guide Care Workers On how to protect Client Service users. Other than the Four Ethical Principles, there are also other procedures that will help Care Workers to keep professionalism and to also help Client Service User by following the Care Value Base, Charter of Rights and the Code of Practice; The Care Value Base is Principles that would help keep Care Workers and Client Service Users relationship professional. These Principles are: The promotion of Anti- Discriminatory Practice. An example for this would be promoting the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 for Disabled People. The promotion and support of dignity, independence and safety. Care Workers should look after the well-being of a Disabled individual. -: Respect for and Acknowledge of personal beliefs and an individual’s identity. Care Workers should show the Disabled person that although they have their difference, they are valued in the same way as any other individual. They won’t be treated unequal. : The maintenance of Confidentiality. Care Workers should prove to the Disabled person that Care Worker can be trusted unless there are risks; Confidentiality may be broken in order to prevent any trouble of harm. -: Protection from abuse and Harm. Care Workers should ensure Disabled people that their Health and Safety is very important The promotion of effective communication and relationship. An example for this would be a Deaf person, as they cannot hear; Care Workers may bring in for them a worker who may be able to communicate with them through Signs. The promotion of personalized (individual) care. An example of this would be that the disabled individual would be entitled to care that fits their needs. In Health and Social Care, Charter of Rights is standards that are expected from the Service. Client Service Users are entitled of these rights. For instance, as for a Disabled person they are entitled to: Right to be respected. Disabled person should feel that they are valued although they may not be the same as others. Rights to Safety from Harm. Disabled people should feel as if they are protected. Right to be allowed Privacy. Disabled people should feel as if they have some space no matter what their situation may be. Right to Confidentiality. Disabled people should feel as if they can trust the Health and Social Care Settings. Right to have access on you. Disabled people should feel as if they are entitled to looking at their own deiced health status. -: Right to independence and Choice. Disabled people are entitled to being dependent on them and should always be entitled to choices. Right to Freedom of Speech. Disabled People should feel as if they can have a say in anything. They should feel as if they are allowed to express their feelings or opinions etc. Right to be seen within a reasonable time scale. Right to celebrate your own Culture and Beliefs. Disabled people should feel as if their Cultures and Beliefs are respected and valued. Right to be able to communicate in your own language. Disabled people should be allowed to speak in their own language; therefore, Care Workers should bring in translators or interpreters etc. Right to be supportive. Disabled people should feel as if Care Workers are by their side. They shouldn’t feel alone and lonely. Right to make their own decisions. Disabled people should be allowed to decide on choices that relates to them and decisions shouldn’t always be made for them. Code of Practice is another way of promoting Anti- Discriminatory practice. It is there to guide Care Workers on their roles, responsibilities and rights. It is there to remind Care Workers of what their job is about. The practices for this act are: To respect Diversity of Clients, to be Non- Discriminatory. To treat with Equality and Equity. To respect their Rights, Cultures and Beliefs of Client Service User. : To empower Client Service Users. To promote independence and choice of Client Seen,’ice Users. Not to Marginal’s or Disemboweled Client Service users. These principles and the DAD are there to guide Care Worker. Care Workers in the right direction but to also allow them to feel as if they are committed to the Principle and Legislations. Furthermore, Care Workers can also rumoring individual rights ; these can be shown in waiting rooms, receptions, canteens etc, for Client Service Users to see, but to also show Client Service Users that Care Workers are taking their job seriously. Furthermore, promoting individual rights can be read out to Client Service user, not only that, if Care Worker is unsure, they are also provided a handbook, which shows Equality, Diversity and Rights, so that their job can still stay professional. Care Workers can also empower individuals, so that individuals feel as if they are able to make choices and decisions on their own behalf. Care Workers do his to show Client Service Users, that the Health and Social Care settings are there to support them but to also show them that, the service only care about their best interests. The Principles and the DAD is there to also inform Client Service Lesser that they are equal and same as any other individual. The Principle and the DAD are there to promote to Anti- Discriminatory Practice. To prove to Disabled people that they do not tolerate any sort of discrimination but to also show that the Health and Social Care Settings are by their sides. Asses the influence of a recent National Policy promoting Anti – Discriminatory Practice The DAD 2005 is the amended version of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The Disability Discrimination Act 1 995 main purpose was to promote rights and encourage organizations. However the DAD 2005 promotes towards the public, the main purpose of the law is to promote the Disability equality and produce action plans for the public. This Legislation also goes toward people with HIVE and Students with Disabilities. The Anti- Discriminatory Practice is there so that the public can also follow Laws and Regulations that would prevent discrimination towards people who may have capabilities, this is done by ensuring that all services are planned and covered. If any one does not follow these regulations, scones ounce will come across. Difficulties that may arise when implementing Anti – Discriminatory Practice in a Health Social care Settings The Difficulties that may arise when implementing Anti-Discriminatory Practices in Health and Social Care settings are that if Care Workers are not prepared or motivated in their jobs they may discriminate as they will not realize. Furthermore, not following Code of Practices, Charter of Rights and Care Value Base, this would lead to discrimination as Care Workers and Client Service would not have any Rules and Regulations to follow. Not only that, if Care Workers are not trained properly, Client Service User may not attend sessions which could cause future problems in the society as Client Service Users may not understand the Rules and Regulations that are set up for them. Not following professional standards can also lead to Diplomacy Actions and dismissal. Successes of Recent Initiative in Promoting Anti- Discriminating Practice The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 is a law, which means that if anyone goes against this law, serious acts would take into consideration. The main repose of the law is eliminating discrimination toward people who have disabilities. The act ensures that every individual is treated with Equality, Diversity and Rights. This is why promoting Anti- Discriminatory Practice is successful, as it is a method of preventing discriminations. Successful as the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and other Anti- Discriminatory Practices are there to promote all individuals to follow Procedures and Policies. For instance, in the Health and Social Care Settings, there is applying the Care Value Base, which is there for both Care Workers and Client Service users in alluding up relationships, so that no discrimination is caused between them, or the Charter of Rights which is there for Client Service Users, to inform them on what they expect from organizations or the Code of Practice which is there to remind Care Workers to treat Disabled people or other people fairly, equally and respectfully etc. Furthermore, the Legislations is also successful as there is contain uses training provides for Care Workers and also Technology, Procedures are always updated, which means Procedures would work along side with the coming years. The Legislations also helps as it helps Care Workers to empower individuals and help care workers on how to deal with any sort of discrimination or conflicts which may occur or vice versa, if individuals are discriminated, they would know what help to get. Ways of Overcoming Difficulties which may arise when implementing Anti- Discriminatory Practices. There are ways of overcoming difficulties when implementing Anti- Discriminatory Practices. For instance, in the Health and Social Care Setting, Care Workers are trained with skills: seeing both sides of the arguments. Being willing to listen. : not taking sides. Not sulking and letting things fester. Ewing good at quick thinking. -: Looking for solutions and not getting bogged down in personal issues. These are skills that sort Conflict. Care Workers must be â€Å"Professional and Positive† as negativity can cause more problems. Furthermore, other ways of overcoming difficulties is by giving advice and guidance (rights) by implementing from the government of policies and guidelines by manager. Furthermore, explaining to worker and individuals of the consequence when breaking the rules Of the Anti- Discriminatory practices. Care Workers can use the Complaints Procedure. These are procedures that al organizations and smaller work places have to follow as the law has made this one of the way of sorting out any conflicts. The Compliant Procedure is there to show Client Service User that any Complaints they have would be dealt effectively and efficiently as Complaints are not acceptable. The Health and Social Care Setting would investigate Complaints properly, even after dealing with Compliant, if Client Service Users are not satisfied with the procedures; they may complain further or even be entitled to receive compensation if they are harmed. The Anti- Harassment is another policy where all organization must follow a logic of law which deals with any sort of harassment. Harassment on the basis of Sexuality, gender, disability, belief etc Advocacy is another way of overcoming any difficulties as a Care Worker is there to represent their Client Service User as they may be young, vulnerable or even elderly. They support their Client so that they don’t get discriminated or neither feels as if they are alone. Conclusion In conclusion, a National Initiative is a policy that is implemented by the government. This is why Anti- Discriminatory Practices are put into organizations so that individuals are not discriminated. How to cite Task, Papers

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Angel And Tess Essay Example For Students

Angel And Tess Essay Angel and Tess: A Romance Fit For the Books? Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Napolean and Josephine. Throughout societys entire existence, we have known almost innately that these couples belong together, and yet fate intervened to deal their relationship a tragic blow. Yet readers persist on viewing these couples as the most passionate of all times. What makes them so unique? What makes them so compatible? What makes everyone see them as half of a whole instead of two? These couples proved to society that they belonged together, no matter what circumstances they faced . They possessed True Love, the rare gift that makes a relationship last, amidst outer turmoil. In the novel, Tess of the DUbervilles, by Thomas Hardy, another literary couple is portrayed. Tess Durbeyfield and Angel Clare appear to be in such an invincible love. The audience believes that they could have a happy life together as a unified couple, but, here too, fate intervenes and Tess is killed. However, the question remains in readers minds: Would Tess and Angels relationship reached the level of perfection in these examples had Tess remained alive? Would their relationship have been successful? There are several factors that can define a successful relationship. In order for a relationship to be worthwhile, the relationship must possess mutual love, respect, and trust, characterized by similar backgrounds, harmonious personalities , and compatibility. Tess and Angels love could not have survived for long, because they did not possess these things. Their differences made it too difficult for them to be compatible for long. They had different pasts, different personalities, and different goals and aspirations that prevented true love. Tess Durbeyfield has a difficult past, and it impacts who she grows up to be; herpast is always a part of her, a perpetual learning experience. Though she spends some years away from home, Tesss personality is still influenced by her humble beginnings, making it impossible for Angel to fully understand her, because his own childhood was relatively easy compared to Tesss. Tess bears most of the burden in her family. The responsibility of the familys welfare is solely on Tesss shoulders. Her parents, immature and impractical, unwittingly force her to care single-handedly for the family. Her mother even says, The lady must be our relation, and my projick is to send Tess to claim kin. (21) Joan Durbeyfield wants to take the easy way out and inherit the DUberville fortune. Tess is the only one in the family that realizes the unlikelihood of this. Her younger brother comments on his excitement of becoming one of the upper-class, and asks, Baint you glad that weve become gentlefolk?' (25) Because of constant situations like this, Tess is required to grow up much too quickly. Hardy writes that these situations . ..might cause her to be estimated as a woman when she was not much more than a child. (43)Conditions like this cause the differences between Tess and Angel to be too great for their attraction to blossom into true love. Another aspect in which Tesss childhood years were greatly different than Angels was the financial situation. She had to work hard all her life just to make sure that the family could survive. Her jobs often included hard, physical labor Hardy describes how Tess and the other girls worked as he writes, .. .the daily section by each damsel of the eight or ten cows to which she had grown accustomed to rendering. (119)Tesss family is close to destitute, whereas Angels family is wealthy. She has to bargain for even the smallest amounts of money, and even then, she is not always successful. .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 , .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .postImageUrl , .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 , .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805:hover , .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805:visited , .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805:active { border:0!important; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805:active , .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805 .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ue3184b1c3e2d73ea536f1df597a29805:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Hume Paper Essay tanner would only give them a few shillings for Princes carcass. (28) The family is so poor that even selling the corpse of their horse is considered. Anything that went wrong in the family is under Tesss care, and thus, she often had a heavy feeling of guilt blanketing her soul. The weights of these burdens begin to effect Tess both mentally and physically. Hardy writes, Her face was dry and pale as if she regarded herself in the light of a murderess. (29)Tess was the only one who realized what

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Letter Essays - 9, , Term Papers, Research Papers

Letter October 16, 2000 Mrs. Jensen 319 Bibb Graves Jacksonville, AL 362265 Dear Mrs. Jensen I attended Rome High School of Rome, Ga. Rome High School is about forty-five minutes from Jacksonville. Just head towards Piedmont, Al and then drive straight to Cedartown, Ga. The road signs will lead you there. My major is going to be Criminal Justice. I look forward to becoming a K-9 police officer. I chose JSU because I had a pole-vaulting contract and I also want to be on the number one drum line of the nation. I haven't started either yet so I assume you could just call me another broke student running around having fun. There are many things I like about JSU. There are defiantly plenty of parties, not that I go or anything. Mainly I like the band. The band is the main reason that I came. At my high school I was a drummer. My high school band practically lives at JSU. JSU has the number one drum line in the nation, so from a drummer's perspective where better to march for. The other reason I came to JSU you is to be close enough to home so I can go see my girlfriend every weekend. I really like this campus, everyone is very friendly and it isn't hard to find all of your classes. There isn't really any thing I don't like about JSU. It is a great college. I guess if I had to say there was something I would like, it would be the classes. College should just be a place that you go and live and hangout with people for a year. That way classes could be optional. Things I like and dislike about computers: ? I love using the Internet. ? I dislike slow computers. ? I dislike when you can't load something. ? I dislike not understanding why a computer does something. ? I like using computers to type (my handwriting is awful) ? I don't like loosing programs or papers ? And on Gateway computers I like the Go Back Program I like you class very much but I don't feel like I need to be there for anything except for the tests and when you give out homework assignments. I missed a few of you classes last week and I want to apologize. My car had broken down when I was at home so I was stranded for three days. Sincerely, Nick Steketee

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Civil War hardships essays

Civil War hardships essays During the Civil War, there were many difficulties handed to the south by the Union. Export ships, non-slave labor, and grain production were just three of the many things that the Confederates lacked during the war. The advantages of the north against the south during the Civil War were manufacturing, iron production and their population. To begin with, Manufacturing was an important part of the Civil War. The south only had one fort while the north had many of them and tons of manufacturers. Manufacturers played an important role in the Union overpowering the south because of the making of vehicles. The south had to use the same vehicles for war while the north could constantly be building new ones. Also, they built supplies in order to give the Union a power boost. These supplies could have included armor, clothes, tents, etc. Anything needed by the north was made instantly thanks to manufacturers. Secondly, a beneficial advantage the Union had over the south was iron production. More weapons were being produced to replace broken or damaged ones. These weapons included rifles, bayonets, and cannons. Also, iron production meant that the Unions forts would be made using iron. Stronger forts meant more protection from enemy fire and infiltration. This was crucial if they wanted to protect their people and their soldiers. Therefore the Union outsmarted the south in order to get closer to victory. Lastly, a higher population means that the Union would have a much higher soldier count than the southern states. This gave them the advantage in military power because they could outnumber the southern armies in no time leading them one step closer to victory in a shorter amount of time. Also, if anything should go wrong during the war, they could call back for reinforcements, another advantage of having a higher population than the south. If for some reason the Union would fall in war against the ...

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Richard Branson and the Virgin Group Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Richard Branson and the Virgin Group - Coursework Example The group’s activities span such disparate lines of business as music, airlines, rail transport, movie industry, financial services, telecommunications, soft drinks, space travel, tourism, health services and much more. As can be expected, some of the ventures did not live up to the expectations, inviting criticism of the limits to which a brand’s power can be stretched by reckless and unrelated diversification. At the same time, the unique leadership that Branson provides with commonsense approach, changing corporate and functional strategies continuously, laying focus on corporate governance, customer satisfaction and employee-motivation belie the flamboyant extrovert who exploits every opportunity to enhance Virgin’s brand power for success of the various ventures under its umbrella. The case study explores the story of an entrepreneur who dares to challenge established notions of limits of brand dilution, diversification into unrelated areas, value of commons ense in business, and informality in organizational/communication matters. Talking to the Forbes magazine on 1 February 1997, Branson said, â€Å"If you can run one company, you can run any company. You can learn the nuances of a particular industry in two months. And it is so great being in so many different businesses. That is the fun of it† (Anon., n.d., The last part is a give away (the fun and enjoyment of being in business) for the Branson persona. Occasional failure or short-on-performance does not dilute Branson’s vision for making Virgin as one of the world’s leading brands. Failures While the Virgin Record Company and related businesses were highly successful, Branson’s move into the highly competitive airlines industry and challenging the major established players with cheap travel plans was not so successful. In fact, in the early 1990s, Branson had to sell off his first love, the music company, in order to support the falter ing Virgin Atlantic Airways, which faced intense competition from the British Airways, the dominant player. Although Virgin Atlantic Airways started off well since its inception in 1984 and went public in 1986, the stock market crash of 1987 led to crash of its share prices forcing Branson to buy back the public stock and turn it into a private firm once again (Anon., n.d., The Virgin Group’s cable company NTL planned acquisition of a stake in the media and entertainment business which was dominated by Rupert Murdoch, by acquiring nearly 20% stake in the company ITV (Barr, 2006; Clothier, CNN, 2006). These plans were thwarted by Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB, who outbid NTL. This episode exposed Branson’s inability to accept defeat in grace. Another criticism of the Virgin Group has been its inability to fully integrate local cultural nuances into its management policies and branded products. In order to overcome this situation, Branson brought in a w ell-known marketing specialist Ashley Stockwell, as Virgin’s Brand Marketing Director (Anon., n.d., Branson’s foray into the movie industry with the acquisition of MGM in 1995 was again a failure, which he readily accepted and described it as a premature decision (Anon., n.d., Reasons for success Branson’